California’s Priority Climate Action Plan Highlights Importance of Bioenergy

California recently submitted its Priority Climate Action Plan (PCAP) to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as part of the state’s application for federal funding for priority climate actions. California’s PCAP includes a portfolio of “proven climate programs,” many of which are focused on bioenergy from organic waste. Some of the specific areas in California’s PCAP are:

  • Increasing funding for bioenergy across all organic waste sectors, including organic waste diverted from landfills, landfill biogas, agricultural and livestock waste, and forest waste
  • Increasing the production of biomethane and hydrogen for use in hard to electrify industries
  • Providing funding for Tribes, municipalities, universities and others to increase renewable energy production and use, energy efficiency, and more
  • Funding to convert forest and agricultural waste biomass to carbon negative biofuels, including hydrogen and liquid fuels
  • Funding for distributed energy generation, microgrids, and related infrastructure

Learn more about California’s PCAP here.