West Biofuels to Receive Up to $30 Million from U.S. Department of Energy for Forest Biomass to Renewable Power Projects

The U.S. Department of Energy has selected West Biofuels to receive up to $30 million for three forest biomass to renewable electricity projects. The projects will be in Burney (Shasta County), Mariposa, and Mammoth Lakes (Mono County). The funds will help these rural communities convert forest biomass into renewable energy and biochar, generating carbon negative…

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Department of Conservation Awards Forest Biomass to Advanced Biofuels Projects

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The California Department of Conservation ((DOC) has approved grants to five BAC members to conduct the environmental planning and permitting for projects to convert forest waste to carbon negative biofuels including hydrogen and bio-oil. The projects will also include either biochar production or carbon capture and storage (CCS) to ensure that the fuels are carbon…

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