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Mainspring to Install Linear Generator at Napa Sanitation District

Mainspring’s linear generator, a noncombustion technology, will convert wastewater biogas to renewable power at the Napa Sanitation District. Mainspring has signed an agreement for the construction and installation of a new Mainspring linear generator that will run on biofuel produced at NapaSan’s wastewater treatment plant, providing renewable energy to power the plant while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The unit is expected to generate 230 kW of clean, renewable electricity.

The linear generator, developed by Mainspring Energy, is a new fuel-flexible power generation technology that converts a variety of clean fuels, including wastewater treatment plant biogas, into clean and reliable electricity. NapaSan will be the first-ever wastewater treatment facility to run a linear generator using methane produced in an anaerobic digester. NapaSan will increase biogas production by accepting more deliveries of waste fats, oils and grease, which will be used as fuel for the linear generator and the facility’s existing 415 kW cogeneration system.

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