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WATCH: Bloom Energy Converts Dairy Biogas into Renewable Power

Bloom Energy is partnering with CalBio to convert dairy manure to carbon negative power. This video highlights the Bloom/CalBio project at Bar20 Dairy Farms in Kerman, California, a third generation, family owned farm that was established in the 1950s. Bar20 has set a goal of using 100 percent renewable power to protect air quality in the community and ensure reliable electricity supplies that are essential to the dairy’s operations. CalBio’s dairy digester converts the dairy manure from 7,000 cows to 47,000 MMBtu of of biogas annually. Bloom’s fuel cells then convert that biogas to carbon negative electricity. The Bloom/CalBio project:

  • Eliminates emissions of methane, a climate super pollutant that is 75 times more damaging to the climate than the carbon dioxide emitted from fossil fuel burning,
  • Improves local air and water quality by reducing the use of fossil fuels and reducing pollution from the dairy manure,
  • Protecting farmland because the fuel cells require a tiny fraction of the land that would be needed for an equivalent amount of solar panels.

To learn more, WATCH the video.